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Your website: Do you want action or awe?

Cyber Monday lessons learned: All the glitz and animation in the world won’t compensate for a malfunctioning checkout cart or lack of contact information for your client service professionals. Continue reading

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It’s never been about the technology…

Focus on building relationships and engaging in meaningful conversation with stakeholders, and not on the technologies that will be enabling the flow. Otherwise, you may risk throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Continue reading

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Kindle versus Printed Text: Round 1

Recently, the great and popular social media blog Mashable posted a poll called “Reading Faceoff: eBooks Vs. Print Books” in its Mashable Battles subsite. The poll challenged readers to vote for their preferred reading format – electronic reader or the old stand-by, hard copy books. The choices were one or the other or a tie vote, indicating that the voter saw advantages to both formats. I voted for the tie, and now I’m going to spend a few minutes to explain why I voted that way. Continue reading

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Tiptoeing Through The Shallows

An admitted media multi-tasker considers the implications of Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows, and compares Carr’s findings to David Snowden’s Rules of Knowledge. Continue reading

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14 years of “why” is a lot to explain in a nutshell…

An innocent question from my husband about how I know what works in our yard leads to an examination of the principle of tacit knowledge and knowledge transfer. Continue reading

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5 Simple Things To Make You Smarter About Privacy

Interlaced with the Facebook privacy debate is the issue of free services competing to monetize themselves. What can consumers do to get smarter about using free applications and surfing the Internet? Continue reading

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Whether groceries or widgets, don’t forget the customers.

Recent, multiple layout changes at my grocery store of fourteen years have brought a few golden rules of usability to mind. Continue reading

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