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Your website: Do you want action or awe?

Cyber Monday lessons learned: All the glitz and animation in the world won’t compensate for a malfunctioning checkout cart or lack of contact information for your client service professionals. Continue reading

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Kindle versus Printed Text: Round 1

Recently, the great and popular social media blog Mashable posted a poll called “Reading Faceoff: eBooks Vs. Print Books” in its Mashable Battles subsite. The poll challenged readers to vote for their preferred reading format – electronic reader or the old stand-by, hard copy books. The choices were one or the other or a tie vote, indicating that the voter saw advantages to both formats. I voted for the tie, and now I’m going to spend a few minutes to explain why I voted that way. Continue reading

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Whether groceries or widgets, don’t forget the customers.

Recent, multiple layout changes at my grocery store of fourteen years have brought a few golden rules of usability to mind. Continue reading

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